Specifications CPR Table TEB Karan company 

• Adjustable Height up to 95 cm

• Adjustable Back up to 90 degree

• Lockable Wheels

• SMD Negatoscope



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Katalog 1 

 TEB Karan features the company's products medicine

Reasonable prices and excellent quality
Having a standard certification, quality control ISO 9001, ISO13485 medical equipment Vtayydyh the Department of Medical Equipment
Color mattress and bed frame color choice, depending on the tastes of customers.
Dimensions (length and width) mattresses and choice depends on the tastes of customers.
Detachable accessories such as the following, neck hair transplant, infusions, surgical lights, roll and ...
20 months warranty and after-sales service for life
Having representation in all cities in Iran
Having a central exhibition and visit all goods every day


Iran and Europe in the international quality standards CE, standard ISO9001, ISO13485 standard and Iran, along with approval of the Bureau of medical equipment. The company has a large presence in the international market has always been product quality and lead active and to promote their products and be proactive. The glories of this technology and provide products with a lifetime warranty and service is 20 months.


RSD unit

Design approach in RSD Company based on relying on technology, industry, medical and dental equipment the world products, has done extensive research on the latest developments and features of European-designed and built, and because of this feature and the continuous efforts of specialists skilled company a history of 25 years of experience and innovation of products provided with medical equipments competition.


Ratings and approvals now obtained

The holder of the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001/2000
The holder of the approval of the Department of Medical Equipment
Holder of ISO 13485
holder approvals CI and permits product exports to Asia and Europe
Holder Approvals Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
Member of medical and dental equipment manufacturers
The holder of the approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Certificate holder of several academic centers and clinics, public and private
Continuous presence in local and international exhibitions
Exporter success of their products in 8 countries


after sales service

TEB KARAN  with agencies active sales and after-sales services in all provinces of Iran and several neighboring and European all our products 2 years warranty and after-sales service for life is to do good best services to customers Offer.


The company's export markets

 Baku _ India  _ Kenya _ Romania _ Bahrain _ Iraq _ Oman _ Afghanistan _ Saudi Arabia Ghana _ Dubai


  goods introduction

Different models based on market needs Internal and external sync with the latest technology to compete with products of other manufacturers, domestic and foreign samples, and supplied


Product advertising

25-year presence in the Iranian market and some of the listed countries, the company and its products is known. The company to improve market share at the exhibition center established in Tehran and representation in provincial capitals, as well as by participating in exhibitions and congresses at home and abroad among companies in the marketing and sales promotion of its products and sales growth in the last 5 years the company has increased every year by 20 percent.


Central Exhibition

Tehran Nawab east side near the bridge Camille Medical supplies Iran Trade Center 38 and 138

   Phone: 021- 55435630 - 2               Tel: 021- 55435633

    Mobile: 09121197815